Sales Process Analysis & Implementation

What is a Sales Process?

It’s important to not confuse a Sales Process with a Sales Methodology. A Process is a series of steps or stages, each one of which gets you closer to a close. A Methodology is what you do and how you do it at each stage.

To help illustrate the difference, let’s imagine you’re climbing a mountain. The Process is the path you take to get to the summit. The Methodology includes all the techniques and skills it takes to get there.

Why is it Important?

It’s very difficult to OVERSTATE the importance of an effective, formal, structured optimized and documented Sales Process. Without it, salespeople don’t know where they are or how to get themselves and their prospects to a place where a buying decision can be made. Having an independent expert in Sales Process Analysis & Implementation will be a tremendous asset.

Critical steps and milestones get missed. Opportunities don’t close. Salespeople get frustrated and you miss out on revenue. It’s bad for all concerned.

Even if you’re not aware of a specific sales process problem, if you experience any of the following symptoms, the cause is probably in your Sales Process.

  • Proposals being delivered and falling into a black hole
  • Demos and/or presentations happening too early
  • Qualification only happens early in the sales cycle
  • Prospects not making or keeping commitments
  • Sales cycles taking longer than they should
  • Of the last 5 opportunities that didn’t close, you’re not sure why they were lost, and don’t know what to learn from it

At InSource, we are recognized and certified sale process experts. With our “Sales Process Competency” analysis, we examine the following:

  • Does it follow Steps and Stages?
  • Does it have Key Milestones?
  • Is the Sequence adequate?
  • Does it provide consistent and predictable results?
  • Does it save, or waste, time

Curious how your existing sales process rates? Visit our Sales Process Grader to see how you compare.