Hiring Top Sales Talent

Salespeople are different. That was the basis for our recent article here. And because salespeople are different, it takes a different type of hiring process to find, attract, qualify and hire the talent best able to sell your products and services, to your clients and prospects, at the price and with the profit margin that you require. After all, hiring top sales talent helps your company sell more

We help set up a hiring process, customized to your specific needs, that leverages the recognized industry leader’s Sales Assessment & Candidate Analyzer. This is based on:

  • Over 2.0 million sales assessments in over 30,000 companies in 200 industries and 115 countries
  • 92% of sales candidates hired on our recommendation reached the top half of the sales force within 12 months.
  • 75% of sales candidates hired AGAINST our recommendation failed within 6 months.
  • And our results are Guaranteed!

We cover everything from the initial definition of the role to be filled to onboarding the selected candidate. We include all the necessary steps and execute them in an efficient and cost effective manner.

How does this compare to your existing hiring process? Check out our Free Recruiting Process Grader. Not all of these steps might be necessary in your situation, but every step you take should be for the purpose of attracting and selecting superior sales talent for your sales organization.

You can find out Recruiting Process Grader here.

Hiring Mistakes

Few things in business are more costly than bad Sales Hiring. Studies show that on average, the cost of a hiring mistake is 3-5 times the compensation paid to that hire.

Think about the time and energy spent in training, onboarding, support and infrastructure for each new hire. And then imagine the additional costs of what that mistake did while he or she was out representing your company!

Here’s a quick and easy way to quantify the cost to you and your organization. Click here to access the FREE Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator.